Extended Family and Premarital Screening

The entire family can be screened free of cost for Thalassaemia to find out whether there are any carrier members in the family who are able to transfer the mutated gene to their children. The family can then plan the marriage of a carrier member with a non-carrier family member. This couple has 50% chance of having a normal child and 50% chance of having a carrier child and no chance of having a Thalassaemia Major child. For extended family screening, there must be a Thalasasemia Major child in the family. As per PTPP policy, only people above the age of 15 will be eligible for the pre-marital test.

It is important to note that being a carrier does NOT mean that a person cannot get married. Screening test requires 2cc of blood. CBC is carried out and Hb-Electrophoresis is done to confirm the carrier status of the individual.